Our Services.

Air purifier systems

We’ll check inside your air registers, entire air duct and ventilation system and everywhere in your house to find potential sources of dirty air. You’ll know the exact quality of your home’s air, the source of your dirty air and what we can do to get it and keep it clean.

Mini splits systems

Are you looking for a way to personalize your home’s cooling system? Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems might be your answer. We can help you determine which cooling option is right for you. We will discuss your needs and help you design the cooling system that works for you and your family..

Industrial HVAC Services

We understand not only does your HVAC system directly impact your employees’ and customers’ comfort and experience with your facilities, but it also is a significant expense across your entire footprint. That’s why we offer a full line of HVAC services to ensure you have the support you need at all times.

Integrate Ventilation systems

We provide turn-key, engineered solutions for customers needing industrial air moving equipment. We commonly develop large air moving equipment with acoustical control designs, air handling and HVAC systems in all industries.

Commercial air handlers

Control every variable with a facility management and building automation system uniquely built for your business. We take a holistic, vendor-neutral approach that engages turnkey solutions, real-time data, and open protocols to install, integrate, maintain, and upgrade your equipment, controls, and operations.

cassettes mini split systems

We provide flexibility to work where traditional HVAC doesn’t. Long line length between outdoor and indoor components allow for a significant number of placement options. That includes mixing and matching high wall units with ducted, console or cassette units inside, with a single outdoor compressor for multi-zone systems.

VRV System Installation

Many of our competitors are not accustomed to working with these types of heating and air conditioning systems, which is why we’re here to be your trusted VRV installation, VRV service, and repair specialists in the San Francisco and Bay area. If your VRV system requires some extra attention, we’ll send one of our VRV systems certified technicians, experienced representatives to your way to evaluate your needs, offer VRV system design and solutions, and give you a free estimate.

VRF System Installation

As a leading source for a full range of residential, industrial, and commercial VRF installation services, HVAC Solutions And Services delivers unmatched benefits. We handle every job, from new VRF installation and equipment upgrades to essential VRF service and repair, quickly and to uncompromising levels of professionalism. The VRF systems certified technicians and professionals from HVAC Solutions And Services design the perfect VRF system for any demand, from single-family homes to commercial buildings in the San Francisco and Bay area.